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Digital printing, while a relatively new process in the history of printing, has taken the world by storm as a cost effective way to print small runs. Digital printing levels the playing field between small businesses and large corporations.

Offset printing requires plates to be made and has other setup fees which for small print runs, can be prohibitive. As the quantity of printed pieces goes up, offset printing does become cheaper, but if you’re a small company or have a particular job that doesn’t need huge quantities, that’s of no use.

Digital printing requires no setup fees, so you can print as few copies as you need without incurring a large initial fee. Compare two identical flyers printed using the two different printing processes and it would take a trained eye to tell the difference.

Here at Tralee Instant Print we offer you the same or similar choices of paper stocks and advanced printing techniques as traditional commercial printers.

With so many options available, and such high-quality output from our state-of-the-art digital printing presses, there's no reason not to choose digital printing for low-quantity, high-quality, economical printing.

In recent years, more and more people have turned to digital printing. This method of printing has taken the world by storm due to its many advantages that typically outweigh other forms of printing.

Digital printing gives vibrant high-quality, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the advantages of digital printing.

1. Digital printing doesn’t require plates which means you don’t have to pay for a printing plate for each color. No plates means a shorter setup time so you receive your printing sooner. There are no pre-press stages between the digital file and the final print, so we can usually print on demand.

2. No plates and less press setup time means the costs for digital printing are relatively low for short runs compared to traditional printing. So you can order only the amount of printing you need right now, rather than ordering pinting in bulk simply to get the best price.

3. Vibrant high-quality graphics grab the most attention. Our digital presses print at a resolution of almost double that of traditional printers so you get crisp, clear images and life-like colors, printed on a variety of papers. Choose gloss, silk or matt paper.

4. In businesss you need to stay competitive, you should regularly examine whether your design works or not for attracting your target audience. The cost of changing designs with traditiopnal printing can be expensive due to plate charges and setup fees. But with digital
printing changes cost very little and take just a few minutes.

5. Digital printers with UV inks allow for printing on a variety of materials. Almost anything that will fit in the printer can be printed from wood and glass to Sintra board and PVC, digital printing allows for a product that will suit anyone’s needs.

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