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A printed brochure is a cost-effective and direct way to get your message across. You don't need any experience or prior print knowledge, we will organise your design layout and printing of your folded brochure for you. At Tralee Instant Print, we print from 1 brochure to 1 million brochures in sizes from A6 up to A3. Email us or call us now for your no obligation quote.

Everyone knows that printed brochures are a great way to advertise your business, offer or event. However, if your message falls flat, you’ll quickly lose any attention you gained through a great design. Always remember the golden rule to marketing and advertising: 1 clear message.

Here is a few tips to help you design effective brochures with content that can stand on its own.

1.Know your aim before you start..

When you're thinking about how to design a brochure, start by asking clients why they use your product or service and look at exactly what it is they're trying to achieve - youcould be very surprised. Then, you need to define your objective. Take a step back from your business and design your brochure to make the most of why people use your product it is probobly something unique that your competitors don't have.

2. Get your copy right.

Great copy is often the most undervalued element in brochure design. A lot of people don't understand that copy needs to be considered as part of the overall design concept. At the early stage of any brochure design project, experiment with the copy to see if it needs reworking. Headlines aren't something to just drop in later.

Think of at least five benefits your company provides to customers and list them in a prominent way on your brochure. It’s a quick way of telling the consumer why they should choose you.

3. Put readers first. 

When thinking of how to design a brochure, keep the end purpose in mind. Is this a brochure that's going to be posted out in response to requests made on a website? Is it a giveaway at an exhibition, or a leave-behind brochure? When someone opens it, what will it say to them? Design for that person, not for yourself.

If you have any specials or discounts, make that prominent in your brochure. It’s added incentive for the consumer to get in touch sooner rather than later. If possible add a hot potatoe. What's a hot potatoe? Something you don't want to hold, something that will make customers respond sooner eg. 10% discount if you order by... Free gift if you contact us within seven days.

4. Shoot sharp for a great brochure.

To make a product brochure pleasurable to flick through, you need good photos. If you're using stock imagery – budgets don't always stretch to a photoshoot – try to find pictures that don't look like they're stock images. Never cut corners.

5. Tell them how to get in touch.

Make sure your customer knows where you are located, how to get in touch with you, what type of services you do or don’t provide and other pertinent information. One clear message - do not waffle.

Brochures printed in Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland